Corelle FAQs

All CORELLE dinnerware is manufactured in the USA by the same Corning, New York factory that has made every piece since the line was launched in 1970. The CORELLE brand is no longer part of Corning, Inc and is now owned and operated under World Kitchen, LLC, whose family of brands includes household names such as CHICAGO CUTLERY®, CORNINGWARE®, EKCO®, PYREX® and REVERE® etc.

Grey metal marks can be commonly found on all glass products. These marks is caused by friction between glass and metal such as using metal utensils, silverware, exposed metal on dishwasher racks or stainless steel sinks. Most glasses are transparent, and metal mark is not found easily. While CORELLE is a 3 layered compressed white or beige glass, these marks can be found easily.

Tips: To remove these marks, clean gently with a recommended non-abrasive cleanser such as CORNINGWARE Cleaner & Conditioner.

Although all the products are being manufactured by cutting edge machines, the backstamp can be printed slightly off from the middle. As this is within the company QA (Quality Assurance) criterion and only items passed by the criterion can be sold, it is not covered under warranty.

CORELLE glass compressing process which manufactured CORELLE bowls and plates is not applicable to make CORELLE cup, mug's shapes with handles and foot of Chinese rice bowl. Hence, CORELLE cups, mugs and Chinese rice bowl are manufactured in Japan using an ultra hard porcelain material which is almost similar to CORELLE glass in strength and colour.

CORELLE dinnerware is created through a very special glass lamination process which thermally bonds two clear "skin" layers of glass to a white or beige "core" layer. The result is lightweight, stackable dinnerware that resists breaking, cracking, and chipping.