Storage Tips

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Tip 1: One tip that can combat stains is spraying the container with baking spray. Baking spray provides an extra layer that helps to prevents tough stains in the long run.

Tip 2: If you don’t have the baking spray then use baking soda when you wash the container after use. Just allow the container to soak in water and baking soda to remove these tough stains.

Tip 3: One way to combat odours from previous meals is to wash and store the container with crumpled-up black and white newspaper on the inside. This will absorb any leftover odours.

Tip 4: Another way to combat the odours trapped in the container is to soak the container in white vinegar. It is successful because most odours have a high PH and when in contact with vinegar, it acts as an acid and neutralizes the odours.

Tip 5: However, the best way to avoid the hassle all together is to invest in Pyrex and Snapware storage by Corelle Brands. Pyrex and Snapware have a wide variety of products that can provide different functionalities like resistance to stain and odours.