World Kitchen

High Heat Cooker


The World Kitchen High Heat Cooker is the ultimate all-in-one cooker. Prepare all your favourite cuisines with minimal effort with settings for stir-frying, boiling soup, barbequeing or hot pot on its multi-cooking menu. You can use your trusty Corelle Brands cookware on this versatile cooker, from Visions to Corningware and the Corningware Plasma range.

The World Kitchen High Heat Cooker is also ideal for dishes that require a higher temperature to cook.

The Boost Function lets you turn up the heat quickly so you don’t have to wait so long to enjoy tasty dishes. Keep your fingers safely away from the heat while keeping control over the power and temperature you use with its knob that is equipped with cool touch control.

On top of these amazing features, the World Kitchen High Heat Cooker is super portable. The slim body and light aluminium alloy base and handle make it lightweight and easy for you to use anywhere in your home.

Use & Care

  • Always unplug the product from the wall socket and let it cool down completely prior to cleaning.
  • Make sure the surface is completely cooled down before proceeding to cleaning.
  • Wipe off slight, not-burnt patches of dirt using damp cloth without cleaning agent.
  • Do not use abrasive sponge, scouring pads or stiff brush to clean the appliance.
  • Please be cautious when cleaning the product near to the heater housing area.
  • Use only damp cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the unit. Do not immerse the main body in water.
  • Do not allow the heater or other electrical components to be exposed to water.
  • Never use benzene, thinner, abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents, scrubbing powders or scratching sponges to clean your cooker.
  • Make sure the ceramic cooker is clean before cooking. Dirt after charring is very difficult to clean and the plate may get discoloration.
  • You should not use steam clean devices to clean the appliance.
  • For proper storage, always place the High Heat Cooker in a low humidity environment.

Limited Local Product Warranty

This warranty is only valid in Singapore, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service. Warranty service may only be performed by Corelle Brands (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd.

All World Kitchen cookware is covered under a warranty within 12 months from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase (receipt), warranty card and product are required for all replacement. For warranties to apply, ‘Cleaning and Maintenance’ instructions must be followed and product must be returned. Accidental breakage from impact or damage from misuse is not covered by warranty.

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